Competitive - Secure Compliant - Trusted dinKum Cloud Backup - Off-site - Online Automated - Encrypted Scalable - Reliable
 50 GB for $4.50/mo

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GPmicro's dinKum™ Data Backup Solution exceeds HIPAA requirements through 256-bit AES encryption, audit trails, and secure off-site storage. Custom solutions provide you with recommended emergency mode operation plans that enable businesses to continue operations regardless of any catastrophe.
dinKum™ is the data backup choice for people who know the value of their information. The software allows you to backup data on local networks – FREE! Our competitive pricing for off-site storage space provides peace of mind and allows secure global access to your data.
"GPmicro's dinKum backup totally ROCKS, you never have to worry about losing your data again. The bullet proof software is very cost effective easy to setup and so easy to operate even a scientist can't mess it up." 
Wayne Stolte, PhD, Berkeley, CA